About “Faraway Friday”

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Hello!  I’m Rose Freeman.  My husband Tyler Freeman and I are red heads.  We’re probably outside hiking or camping right now.  We have a kitty named Kailey.  Being “cooped up” while it’s raining is one of our favorite things.   I own a piano studio business and have the opportunity to give my students a life enriching and creative approach to music at piano lessons each week.  When I’m not teaching we really are most likely outside somewhere – hiking, backpacking, camping, boating, skiing, or tandem biking.  Most of this blog will give trip reports of those adventures!

The past 4 years we have gone on an adventure almost every Friday.  At this point in our lives we don’t have the opportunity to travel around the world, so we’re exploring every possible place in the Pacific Northwest.  The North Cascades often feel like the Alps, the plains and waterfalls of Eastern Washington feel like Iceland, and Whidbey Island reminds us of Northern Ireland.  It’s fun to pretend we’re “faraway.”  We’re cherishing the time we have here in the Northwest and seeing as much of God’s creation as we can!



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